Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Unless A Woman Is Blind Cripple and Crazy; She Knows When A Man’s Not Marriage Material or “If He Doesn’t Want To Marry Her!”

Hey Cuz, I'm not Sandra but, I had to comment further on this; what tips did the author give about long term relationships which would increase a woman's odds of marriage? I read the article and can't identify any."One tip I can give is for women to understand their worth and for men to value that worth" which goes beyond the "P." But, that won't happen in this lifetime, because everything is "OOC." Too many people are looking for love in all the wrong places and with all the wrong people. After all, opposites often attract. Women want men who don't want them as a "wife" and vice versa.'
Being a boomer, I am constantly amazed at what flies as advice and "earth shattering" info these days. First the post is blazing with color and exploits women...half naked. The title of the post was the initial attention getter and second was the vivid color of the post and of course 3rd, is the curvy half naked women.   
So what woman doesn't know that if a man can get the milk, without buying the cow, he won't bother to buy the cow?."Old school." The cow is indicative of "big", a chore. You gotta' feed it, clean up behind it and provide shelter for it. The milk is the prize a cow delivers. They all want that milk, but a large number don't want the responsibility of co-existing with the cow, in order to get the milk.
Unless a woman is blind, crippled and crazy, she see's red flags for days in relationships, where men don't want to commit or marry. But women like to fix stuff. So sometimes we think we can make a man marry us. Not!

There is nothing new under the sun.... You can spit this a hundred different ways, but at the end of the day the bottom line is the same.

Women know very well when they are just the "P" and men know very well there's no shortage of them. Many women are just the "P" because they hook up with men who only want the "P" and then try to make them want the "CR" which is a committed relationship...

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