Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today I learned The Meaning Of Sacrifice

Well today is a new beginning for me. Once again I've been enlightened. For the last several days I've been struggling mentally, about how to blog about issues that would be pleasing in God's sight and keep the world interested at the same time. Initially I thought I'd done enough, when I started up my "Babe in Christ" blog on, a few months ago. However, over the course of time, I came to realize that I was not giving Him my all. You see, I have another blog "Bloggerneecy" which I've had a while. This blog was my baby. There I blogged about life, music and issues related to the world. And I had a passion for putting together strong content for that sight. Needless to say, my other blogs suffered, because for those I had to struggle to identify and create good substance. So, because of this problem, I decided to stop blogging in my Blogger blog, months ago, but I see it's still here? Then a few days ago, I made a decision to shut down my "Bloggerneecy blog." Searching and reaching for something real and tangible, making these decisions proved to be equivalent to "bandaid solutions." Yet, in my heart I felt the need to focus on my "Babe in Christ blog." So "Babe in Christ" it was. My other blogs had to go, so I thought. But as I said,  my Blogger blog is still here for some reason.  

What prompted and compelled me to choose my 'Babe in Christ blog" was the state of this wicked world. I mean really, as I listen to news and see what blogger's are blogging about and what TV producers and music producers are calling entertainment and real news, I'm concerned. I'm concerned with being caught up in meaningless activity and basically I'm concerned about my soul.
These observations gave me the wisdom to look at my blogs and at the content closer. After doing that, it seems as if I was prompted to ask myself; "am I feeding my readers or fooling them?" You see if I'm not taking this opportunity to serve God through my blogs, then I'm fooling my readers into thinking that garbage is good. Therefore, I had to weigh my content and it's relativeness to the Word of God. Needless to say "I found that even I had a lot of junk in my blogger's trunk."

Then I realized that there's no junk in the bible. What this means is that when God speaks through you, your words will always be inspirational and strong for Christians and non-Christians. In essence, you will never run out of  the Word. Today I'm blogging with Jesus in mind and God is at the front

In order to come to this point in my life, I had to sacrifice. Now when I read "2 Samuel 24;24", I learned something very valuable bout sacrifice. First I learned the true meaning of sacrifice.

"No matter how much you give up or give in, it's not a sacrifice unless it cost you something."

This is what I didn't get up until now....What does that mean? Cost you something! When it cost you something, you had to give up something to get it. Time, money, freedom, what have you given up as a sacrifice to God? I chose time and some of my freedom. I will spend more time blogging about issues that concern my salvation and salvation of others and I will use the freedoms that I have in this life to do that.

King David told Araunah, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing.  2 Samuel 24;24   
Long story short, I've decided to use "Blogger" for my daily bible reads. This way reader's on Blogger can join me as I journey through the bible. Tomorrow I will be begin reading the "1 Book Of Kings." 


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