Friday, March 11, 2011

"Is There Something In Your Life You Need To Give Up Right Now?"

When we sacrifice, we give up something that means a lot to us. A sacrifice to God must represents something of substance and value. To sacrifice is to surrender a behavior, a thing and yes, sometimes we sacrifice people we love. In doing this we don't give up on them, we simply give them up to God, so that He can care for them and fix them. However, the good thing about making spiritual sacrifices is that, "God gives us back more than we sacrificed.
Actually, anything you give God was already his anyway.
It's like when we our children are young and they want money from us (parents), to buy  Christmas gifts. "They take the money as if they've earned it" or as if they're entitled to it. Then they buy us gifts with our own money...So technically, we're getting back what we've given them. That's what God does for us. Re-gifting is what He does 24/7.
What have you sacrificed to God lately?

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